Talented actors play longer innings in film industry : Krish Kapur

Within a very short span of time casting director Krish Kapur has made a name for himself among actors and directors of Hindi film Industry. The young and energetic Delhiite has casted for an upcoming film JALEBI from Bhatt camp (Vishesh Films) starring Rhea Chakraborty, Varun Mitra and Digangana Suryavanshi & has many more upcoming film projects in his kitty.

— Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us about your journey?
KK) I was in Delhi when I was looking for work in film industry. I was a teenager back then, when I had a chance to meet costume designer Narendra Singh through a common friend. There I got my first job as Costume Associate in TV serial ‘Jasoos Vijay’. I worked for 2 years with him and realised this is not what I had imagined. My desire to act took me to Shri Ram Center in Delhi where I got involved with the process of acting. I did few plays there. Soon after I got the opportunity to feature in a Punjabi music album ‘Billori Ankhiyaan’ by singer Shampy Singh. This was my first stint as an actor.

Then I joined Rajesh Bhardwaj’s event company as production assistant and learnt the nitty gritties of production. Later I also got the opportunity to assist Bollywood’s ace director Imtiyaz Ali for the film ‘Love Aaj Kal’ in Delhi. This was a great learning experience for me and by now I had understood and learnt a lot about Bollywood.

GG) Then?
KK) Now I felt is the right time to shift my base to Mumbai from Delhi. Mumbai is the epicenter of Hindi film Industry. So after trying my hand at costume department, production and direction I came to Mumbai in 2012.
In 2014 I accompanied world heavyweight wrestling champion and actor Sangram Singh. He was doing Hindi film UVAA then. I accompanied him during the complete shooting schedule of UVAA at Noida & Faridabad. On sets of film UVAA I again observed every details of film shooting right from managing actors to how shots are canned and planned. After film UVAA I joined Zee TV as production controller in their TV show ‘Sethji’.

GG) How did you become casting director?
KK) (laughs) Meanwhile through a common friend I got the opportunity to meet casting director Dinesh Soi of DS Creations. They were working on a Hindi film ‘Veerey Ki Wedding’. He took me under his wings as casting associate. I did all the secondary casting. During this time I had chance to meet Vishesh Film’s costume designer Ashish Dwayer. He recommended my name to for the post of Casting Director. I remember I was very nervous on day one but to my surprise I was taken on board after the very first meeting with Mukesh Bhatt sir, Mahesh Bhatt Sir & Pooja Bhatt mam. I was given the task of finalising the entire casting of their upcoming film ‘Jalebi’, right from the main cast to secondary casting. Today I am thankful to Mukesh sir, Mahesh Sir, Pooja mam & of course their chief assistant director Deep for giving me this lifetime opportunity.

GG) Throw some light on importance of Casting Director?
KK) See having a casting director on board lightens the burden of film director. We as casting director needs to sit with the director, producer and understand the story of the film. We understand the type of characters in the film and accordingly start our hunt for actors who fit in. Correct casting is pivotal for any movie. Having us on board let’s the director concentrate better on his script instead of hunting for actors as well beside working on his story.

GG) What is important to you while casting, Look or Talent ?
KK) Both. But in a way Talent always scores over look. See, for instance I will think twice before casting an actor who has good looks but no acting talent. But an actor with talent is always welcome even if he doesn’t have looks. Talented actors have longer innings in the industry.

In the end it all depends on the demand of story. If a movie requires a good looking actor I try to find an actor who is not only good looking but can act as well. Sometimes the central character of the movie is not good looking so we look for a strong actor to essay the part. It’s a very complicated procedure which needs to be executed with utmost care.

GG) Now what’s next ?
KK) There are few big projects I am working on. But right now it will be too early to disclose.