TALEEM music launched by David Dhawan

The sports Kushti which reigned supreme not long ago in Maharashtra is now all set to be seen in Marathi films too very shortly. After winning accolades by editing several Hindi films, now Nitin Madhukar Rokade is all set to turn a director with his film TALEEM, which will present the pros and cons of the sports. Produced under the banner of Raghujan Films, Roaring Goat Media and NMR Movies by producers Sudarshan Lakshman Ingale, Sanjay Mulay, Jaiaditya Giri and Nitin Madhukar Rokade, the film TALEEM is all set for release all over Maharashtra on July 15, 2016.

Music LaunchThe music launch of the film was held at the Hotel The Orchid at the hands of the renowned filmmaker David Dhawan. Present on the grand occasion were the producers of the film Sudarshan Lakshman Ingale, Sanjay Mulay, Jaiaditya Giri, director Nitin Madhukar Rokade, actors Abhijeet Shwetchandra, Vaishali Dabhade, Vishnu Joshilkar, Prashant Mohite, the lyricist Mandar Cholkar, music director Praful Karlekar, cinematographer Farouque Sheuikh, Singer Aanadi Joshi, Ronkani Gupta, Tarannum Malik, Swapnil Godbole, Abhirup besides prominent celebrities from both the Marathi as well as Bollywood industries in large numbers.

TALEEM has five songs, out of which the renowned front ranking lyricist Mandar Cholkar has written with music by Praful Karlekar. The title track Taleem  Rangu De…  has been crooned by Adarsh Shinde and Tarannum Mallik while the mind-blowing lavni Ishqacha Baan Sutla… has been recorded in the voices of Ronkani Gupta and Swapnil Godbole. The pathos- ridden song Kal Na Yo Kal Na… has been sung by Divya Kumar and Kalpana Potwari. The romantic duet song Rangat Rang Vegla… has been crooned by Anandi Joshi and Farhad Bhiwandiwala. The boisterous song Be Eke Be… which will be heard twice in the film has been sung by Abhiroop and Swapnil Godbole. All the songs have been written beautifully by Mandar Cholkar and composed soulfully by Praful Karlekar.

Director Nitin Madhukar Rokade reiterates that  though his film TALEEM will set out to resurrect the  dying sports for Kushti in Marathi films in a big way, it will  also present the various colors of life. Nitin adds, “The film does not just centre around Kushti but also has a powerful subject which will definitely regale the audiences, with the effective combination of powerful and meaningful lyrics by lyricist Mandar Cholkar and soulful and soothing music by Praful Karlkar, especially since all the songs have been incorporated not just as fillers but to satiate the need of the subject and since the songs have been ingrained in the subject, they will make the film slicker, racier with more pace. The songs of the film will be loved not only by the youth but also music lovers of all ages and there is absolutely no doubt that the music will be lapped up by the lovers of music not only in Marathi film industry but also in Bollywood.

TALEEM stars Abhijeet Shwetchandra, Vaishali Dabhade, Mitali Jagtap, Vishnu Joshilkar, Prashant Mohite, Yashpal Sarnath, Arjun and Chaya Kadam. While Nitin Madhukar has written the story & screenplay besides directing and editing the film. Dialogues have been penned by Sikander Sayyed, Abhijeet Kulkarni and Nitin Rokade while Farouque Khan is the cinematographer of the film. The film has been shot entirely in Bhor, Junnar and Kundal-Sangli is slated for release all over Maharashtra in July 15, 2016.