TABADALA first look out

Madhya Pradesh Film and TV Institute and Nostram Entertainment’s film TABADALA first look is out now. The post production of film is going on and trailer will be released in few days by Entertain Music Company.

TABADALA is action and romantic film stars Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh in lead. The film is produced and directed by Vinod Tiwari, co-produced by Bhojraj Navani, Harish Nor, Seema and Nikita Singh.

The story is written by Rakesh Tripathi, lyrics by Manoj Matlabi, music by Chhote Baba, choreography by Pappu Khanna, Ram Devan and Sanjay Karve, cinematography by Neetu Iqbal Singh, action by K.Ganeshkumar and Baji Rao, editing by Deepak Jaal and promotions by Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.

TABADALA stars Pawan Singh, Akshara Singh, Mohan Joshi, Sushil Singh, Manoj Tiger, Lallan Singh, Jayprakash Singh, Gopal Rai, Baibhav Nayak, Glory Mohanta, Aayishi Tiwari, Sanjiv Mishra and Soni Patel.