Sumeet Vyas and Karan Kundra face a landslide

Viacom 18’s Voot is all set to release the third terrain of Stupid Man Smart Phone which took place in Arunachal Pradesh. Karan Kundra superstar of reality shows was along with Sumeet on the final leg, It seems they had time of their life here between the beautiful mountains and while performing the tasks given. One of such experience shared below.
Sumeet Vyas and Karan Kundra face a landslide while travelling to Baishakhi Camp on a Hay Truck
While they are having a hard time trying to adjust their sitting on the truck, one more obstacle arises. On their way, they see a massive landslide which has blocked their way to the Army camp. They again find themselves in a tight spot
Building a river raft & tent to survive:
We built a Tent in the middle of the night under heavy showers: Karan Kundra. Sumeet Vyas and Karan Kundra drifted with the current of the strong waves in the river while they were on their handmade raft. The twist was when they got stuck on a huge rock and the crew was unable to rescue them
Quick gist about the show: Accompanied by a different travel celebrity partner every week, Sumeet Vyas, the anchor to the show has only one means of survival that is – a smart phone. They will be dropped into rough terrains like the forest, desert, mountains — armed only with internet access, a battery pack and some basic supplies for the this expedition. The duo will have to rely on the help received from their social media following or survival tips to get them out of tough situations that they encounter on the trail.