Sudip Pandey in Malaysia shooting for PARO PATNAWALI

Bhojpuri action hero Sudip Pandey is in Malaysia for shooting of the Bhojpuri movie PARO PATNAWALI. Produced by Ranju Sinha, directed by Raj Verma, Divya Diwedi is paired opposite Sudip.

Sudip has already acted in movies made by Ranju Sinha. These include ‘Jai ho Jagdambe Mai’ and ‘Kasam Tiranga Ke’ which were also shot in Malaysia.

Sudip Pandey says, “Malaysia has many people from UP and Bihar. The Malaysia government is also helpful. Shooting Bhojpuri movies in same old places may not be liked by the audience. If we don’t try to make Bhojpuri movies which can compete with Hindi Movies, the popularity will come down. We will try to make the movies interesting like Hindi film.”