Subhash Ghai’s Protégé Scorches Ramp in Pune

She came, she walked and she stopped the Show to steal hearts of many a quorum present at the First Store Opening of Asia’s Youngest Fashion Designer Prachi Badve. It is no secret that Subhash Ghai has an eye for talent, although it seemed what he has unearthed what could be a shining jewel. Avaana, who off late have turned heads of the industry insiders and ruffled the casting maze with her unparallel beauty, was the fitting choice for the liking of the Art loving Punekars.

Avaana as it has learned have already bagged a role opposite one of Bollywood’s leading guy next door to have her debut in the industry. Talking about her Acting debut Avaana said, “It is time to celebrate Prachi’s achievements. At such a young age she has created a collection of her own and carved a niche for herself in the industry which definitely is no mean feat. It has been an experience and as a matter of fact interacting with Prachi Badve, has taught a thing or two in fashion. As for my film, it would be too early to talk about.”

“It is a well known fact that Prachi Badve has been the youngest Fashion Designer of Asia and has been on the circuit for more than half a decade. I would love to come back and showcase her collection whenever she wants me to,” concluded Avaana.

What makes us wonder is who the ‘Leading Guy Next Door’ is?