STOCKEZY TO GROW TO 1, 00,000 REGISTERED USERS, the fastest growing social investing website today announced that it would achieve 1,00,000 registered users by the end of January, 2011. is looking at more than 200% growth over the next one year. It will also reach 1,50,000 unique visitors and 20 Lakh page-views a month by the end of the next two quarters.

Post recession, people at large have come to realize that their investments are safe in their hands only. Because of this, more and more people are looking at other no hassle avenues for information on how to invest. Thus there is an exponential growth in the number of  online investing communities’ world over. These online communities are looking at social investing as a means of getting an expert opinion on profitability of different stocks.

According to the World Bank, there were about 5.1 Core internet users in India in 2008, and India adds around 1 Crore internet users every year. For the year 2010, the total number of internet users is estimated to be close to 8 Crores. This is a huge population that needs help with their investments. Investing should be very personal and safe; online investment communities provide just that, thus, the trend of “Social Investing” is picking up in India. Social Investing educates the individual investor on how to accumulate and preserve wealth by investing in the right stocks online. The members share their knowledge about the stocks by rating each stock and the total number of hits each stock gets help the member in deciding whether to buy, keep or sell the stock.

The idea of a Social Investing Community is basically meant for individuals who want to trade in the market but aren’t sure about what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. comprises of industry and community experts who guide members to trade in the market., India’s first ever Social Investing Community is a unique online investment website helping add value to individual stock investor’s stock portfolio. It is not only helping investors identify the best stocks and the best times to

buy them and also tells them which stocks to avoid. was launched in August 2008, with currently five lakh hits per month. There are sections where users can rate stocks, research stocks and post informative articles and videos about stock markets

About Stockezy: Three friends went to college together, became software engineers, went to Silicon Valley, got cushy jobs and, after a few years, decided to become entrepreneurs .Sounds like a run of-the-mill story? But this is where Tushar Makhija’s story takes a serious turn. It’s common to hear of entrepreneurs struggling to get that one big idea to start a business, but for Makhija and his two other friends, Rushabh Doshi and Nikhil Badwe it was simply about taking inspiration from several popular online portals and creating a unique one of their own. While he was still in the US, Makhija started a portal called that allowed users to gain information on trading stocks and where to park their money. In a nutshell, it’s a portal for people who want to try their hand in the stock market but lack the expertise.

Makhija says that the idea came to him while he himself started out as a novice investor on the Wall Street. “We started a Google group which included friends and family and used to discuss investment options, “he recalls. But that was in 2007. Realizing a business opportunity, Makhija promptly launched a webpage called, but it was only in August 2008, went online in a big way. Today, it has over 16,000 registered members

About Tushar Makhija: Tushar is 28 years old and founded stockezy in August 2007. The website was launched in August of 2008 in Beta1.0. Beta2.0 was launched in August of 2009. The team is planning their Beta 3.0 launch in September 2010.

Tushar finished his schooling from Maneckji Cooper Education TrustSchool, then attended Jain Hind College in Churchgate. Tushar completed his Bachelors in Electronic Engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College in 2003. After completing his undergraduate studies, Tushar left for University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, for his Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Tushar worked for 4 years with a Hi-Tech Software Company in the Silicon Valley, before starting