Soul 108 by SoulKonnection – One Day Festival Celebrating Conscious Living

The belief that transformation is a holistic process of healing and loving the mind, body and soul encouraged Capt. Amit Bhandari to initiate Soul 108. Founder of SoulKonnection, he has curated this one of a kind festival that gives a platform for participants to engage in a wide array of traditional and non-traditional activities including Yoga, Meditation, Dance Movement Therapy, SoulKonnect Self – Healing, Lifecoaching – Secrets of Time Management, Sound Healing and Art Therapy.

“We believe that there is not one set formula to transformation; it’s a celebration for everyone. People can pick and choose the elements they want to change. It should be effortless, relaxing and fun,” says Capt. Amit, who is an ex-Captain from Merchant Navy and a celebrated life coach. He uses award-winning methods to help his clients in India and Australia. His ingenious techniques have helped many clients achieve their dreams and goals, have made them overcome anxiety, fears, phobias, stress and depression.

The one day festival is designed for all age group including kids, adults and seniors. There are special Art Therapy and Etiquette classes for children to experience, while their parents can attend workshops simultaneously. Besides this, an array of food stalls will ensure a guilt-free, healthy experience with fresh produce, organic food and drinks. The workshops aimed towards self- exploration and self – discovery will take place through the day while the evening will include live singing and stand – up comedy act.

“Life transformation is an illusion of healing; your mind, body and soul are already in unison for you to achieve your highest & best in life. We, at Soulkonnection simply help you identify this,” explains Capt Amit. He will also be extending his expertise to support Muskan Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO that works with underprivileged children. He’ll conduct a life -counselling workshop worth Rs 25,000 free for the children at the foundation. “The workshop will help children develop a clear body vision; an essential to succeed,” says Capt Amit.

Soul 108 is a prelude to SoulScape, a three-day festival which will take place in a beautiful resort, amidst the mangroves of Diveagar, a quaint coastal village in Maharashtra. “SoulScape is a celebration of life with all likeminded people around you. After all, we are social animals transiting human life in Soul groups,” says Capt Amit.

Soul 108 by SoulKonnection