Siddharth Malhotra was gifted a beautiful portrait in New Zealand

During his tour to New Zealand, Siddharth was touched to receive a portrait of himself in the traditional Maori attire in New Zealand.

sidharth-aces-the-maori-soldier-look-1Always up for experimenting with his roles and fashion sense, the actor did not think twice before slipping into the Maori attire.

sidharth-aces-the-maori-soldier-look-2Siddharth was spellbound to see his portrait as a local and expressed respect for the skill of the team from Soldier’s Rd portraits.

sidharth-aces-the-maori-soldier-look-3Soldiers Rd Portraits

  • Soldiers Rd Portraits dress customers in Maori, Pasifika and Native American and First Nations regalia for a memorable native inspired vintage portrait.
  • The portraits create a beautiful and positive portrayal of people and culture.
  • Taaniko Nordstrom and Vienna Nordstrom are the creative stylist/photographer duo behind Soldiers Rd Portraits.
  • Soldiers Rd Portraits are based in Cambridge, Waikato just 2 hours south of Auckland. The pair are happy to take the product on the road as the business “can pack down into two bags”.sidharth-aces-the-maori-soldier-look-4