Shreyas Pardiwalla celebrates Parsi New Year with his family

Parsi New Year is the day of celebration, where Parsis start their New Year and welcome goodness, light, love, peace and positive vibes into their lives and homes. This day commences after 10 auspicious days of prayers wherein they pray for the departed souls. Pateti is the last day of the year according to the Parsi Calendar, the day before Parsi New Year. On Pateti, Parsis pray for forgiveness of their bad deeds, and is a day of repentance for the past sins committed.

Shreyas Pardiwalla celebrates Parsi New Year with his family. “Every year I genuinely look forward to this day, as it is a day one gets to see the Parsi culture at its best. It feels amazing when everyone meets and greets each other, and I can’t wait to be pampered with the goodies. I wish one and all a very Happy Parsi New Year or as we say “Saal Mubarakh” / “Navu Waras Mubarkah”…. Spread love and light always!” says Shreyas.

So today, we will get to see sweet Parsi Men & Women in their traditional “Dagli” for men and traditional Parsi style saree for women, decorating their houses with flowers and ‘rangoli’, which they call ‘Chalk’. Wishing everyone a great joyous time.

Shreyas Pardiwalla was seen in ‘Yaariyaan’ and ‘Sweetiee Weds NRI’.