Shivam Babbar of Splitsvilla is fully transformed

Obsessed with looking fit? Who isn’t! Splitsvilla 8 cutie Shivam Babbar over the months has transformed himself into a total hottie! Shivam whose work has been seen in TV serials and MTV shows rose to fame after he appeared in Splitsvilla 8.

The journey towards this transformation started when the spotlight came over him after splitsvilla 8 and now for Shivam working out is fixed in his routine!

He being a foodie never controlled on his diet but on the same hand he made it a point to never skip his gym.

Shivam says, “I was having “puppy fat”so for that I started doing 30 minutes running with basic training for a month, and after 45 days I started hardcore training there was a time I not able to pick 10 kg dumbbell. Now I start my warmup set with double of that weight and always I have thing in my mind is that train yourself like a beast and look like a beauty.”

His dedication and hardwork can been seen in positive results. He was always surrounded by positive people who encouraged him and inspired him to achieve his goals.

“No one is perfect, you have to be perfect, so when I release that “most handsome Guy” is in me and I love myself most so when you love someone you have to care so I’m caring myself,” states Shivam Babbar.

His transformation clearly proves that, where there is a will, there is a way.