‘Shikari’ film teaser heightens curiosity among Marathi movie buffs

While posters of the forthcoming Marathi film Shikari, had challenged the conservative sensibilities of the movie buffs, its Teaser released this week has further heightened curiosity among the Marathi film fraternity, especially as the movie is presented by popular and multi-talented film personality Mahesh Waman Manjrekar and is directed by yet renowned director, Vijay Mane.

Mahesh Manjrekar is known for presenting films with different story angles and out of box thinking. No wonder then that the Marathi movie patrons are wondering if “Shikari” is a Laugh Riot, a Sex Comedy or a Serious Social Drama. The shapely figure of Neha Khan, a debutant actor taking a titillating saunter in the Teaser is puzzling enough on whether it will be an unusual bold film or will it have altogether a different canvas or will it be the first of its kind Marathi film. These are some of the questions being asked of the film.

Neha Khan is playing a key role in “Shikari” which is produced by Vijay Patil of Aryan Global Entertainment.