Shemaroo revisits the classic story of Don

Shemaroo Retro Talkies, an initiative by Shemaroo Entertainment on Facebook, is known for its unique and interesting storytelling style and this time, it wooed its audience by showcasing Big B’s ‘Don’ by using Facebook 360. Facebook 360, is a technique where one can capture 360˚ view of any image and post it on Facebook.

Along with the unique 360 representation of the story, Shemaroo also ran a campaign – #ChaseTheDon. Multiple users not only chased the Don on the day but re-lived the entire movie with their friends and family. In this campaign, a part of the story was shared with the audiences and a clue was dropped on The audience had to work to solve the mystery and gradually they unfolded the entire story of Don.

Amitabh Bachchan has been a part of many unforgettable films that made him ‘Star of the Millenium’. Among the treasure of those movies, Don remains a classic for its impeccable storytelling and powerful acting by the cast. After years of its release, Shemaroo reconnects the film with today’s generation to show the magic of retro movies by recreating the powerful story of Don in a never-seen-before way with Facebook 360.