Shemaroo Entertainment releases TERE MERE PHERE – The racy mad ride called Love

TERE MERE PHERE directed by Deepa Sahi is a light hearted comedy film which starts with an interesting road trip. The adventurous journey leaves the audience in deep thoughts about the racy mad ride called love which all of us have experienced in our life at some point or the other.

Shemaroo Entertainment releases TERE MERE PHERE on Home Video. The film features Vinay Pathak, Ria Sen, Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia. The movie revolves around a made for each other couple, Pooja (Sasha Goradia) and Rahul (Jagrat Desai)… who have a perfect love affair and a perfect marriage, set out on a perfect dream honeymoon in a motor home driving through the breath taking Himalayas. But life cannot be perfect for ever. If “distance makes the heart grow fonder” then the too much proximity should have the reverse effect! And it does. As Pooja and Rahul get too close for comfort, the gilt of romance begins to rub off, a series of absurd fights follow and soon they get embroiled with a local Himachali small town guy (Vinay Pathak) and his girl Muskaan, the “Pahadi Mirch” (Riya Sen). How the couples’ lives get entwined is the story of this crazy film about the eternal emotion “love.”

On her choice of the subject Deepa says, “Hey! There is too much depression around…if you want to have a good laugh, what better way than seeing a couple of men and women like us thrown together? I think half the problems happen because we take ourselves too seriously! I find the man –woman relationship fascinating! A Marriage is something that legitimizes this relationship. But having married how legit are the workings between them?! That is what the movie dives into but in a light hearted manner!

Deepa Sahi’s uncanny sense of humor and looking at life as an adventure in the lighter spirit prompted her to make TERE MERE PHERE her maiden feature film. She says, “Two things are exciting in life, love and war. I thought let us combine love and war. Love begins from childhood and till your grave, you are constantly dealing with it. I think people should kind of take a perspective and identification with the film because it deals with various kind of love especially between men and women because that is the ultimate kind of love.”

Why Himalayas? “Well, it is unpredictable as weddings. So beautiful on instant, clouded the next. A hill on one side, a 14000 feet fall on the other… And you find locations from google earth, make your mark, get your scenes in place and yet, with every move, shoot something else that is either more beautiful or enchanting.”

Enjoy a sweet love story in the comfort of your home…Get your own copy of TERE MERE PHERE now!!

The VCD and DVD is economically priced at Rs. 99/- and Rs. 299/- respectively.