Shelly Khera of SLIM SUTRA launches Meditation and Slimming DVDs

Shelly Khera of Slim Sutra with Yana Gupta launches 3 exclusive DVDs, namely, Siddha Yoga, Candle Meditation and Yoga for Slimming at Planet M. Yana Gupta is fitness freak and follower of Yoga and is too happy to get involved in this launch activities.  Siddha Yoga aims at making people aware of the various postures of the asanas and how these yoga postures can heal your ailments like Cervical Spondylitis, Slip Disc, Backache, Diabetes and Hypertension. The second DVD candle meditation focuses on the benefits of candle meditation and the third DVD Yoga for Slimming aims at dealing with obesity. It is very beneficial for achieving inch loss on troubled stubborn fat areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs and love handles. These exercises are body friendly, stress-free, refreshing and extremely simple to perform.  Even if you are not a regular Yoga person these DVDs are bound to orient you for Yoga.

The highlight of this DVD is that it has been shot in the beautiful picturesque landscapes of Kashmir, which only adds to the authenticity by giving a feeling of purity and tranquility, making it the perfect backdrop for meditation.

The DVDs will now be available across all Planet M outlets and is marginally priced.

The Health Centre had a humble beginning with 6 people registering on the day of inception but later it gained the desired momentum has expanded because of the unique nature of its program and the wisdom imparted about yoga that serves people as a promising entity in wellness. Yogacharya Mrs. Shelly Kheraji has always stressed on the importance of wellness not just of the body but also of the mind which is the primary reason why Slim Sutra has achieved impeccable heights in such a short span of time.

Mrs. Shelly Kheraji, MD of Slim Sutra on the occasion said “We are extremely proud and humbled by the response that we have received from our loyal clients, and these DVDs are only a small gesture of gratitude from our side, because we at Slim Sutra believe that it’s their encouragement and overwhelming response that has made this possible”

“We are aware that obesity, stress and a fast paced life style are a few of the changes there we are being a witness to in the recent times, and with such little time, this DVD acts as a perfect solution, hence this DVD is readily available from college goers, professionals to even housewives, who understand the need to stay fit”

Mr. Sanjay Karwa, CEO, Planet M added, “With the consumers evolving as more health savvy entities, the Wellness category at Planet M has shown a tremendous boost in sales. Slim Sutra has been a popular brand and is synonymous to ‘Fitness’ and ‘Weight loss’ ; thus we are overjoyed that these DVDs will now be easily accessible to a larger audience. We extend our full support to Mrs. Shelly Khera and are sure the DVD’s will be well received at Planet M.”

Slim Sutra is planning to expand its base by coming up with more branches, first in Mumbai and then other cities as well. The focus is to reach to a larger set of people who can be benefited from it.

Mrs. Shelly Khera is an acclaimed dietician, nutritionist, slimming expert & a world renowned Yogacharya. Her television program on Yoga has a dedicated audience all over the world. She’s also a column writer with various health magazines. After 15 years of teaching, she has dedicated her life to the perfection of the health philosophy and is committed to share its benefits with society at large. Sutra literally means a rope or thread that holds things together. At Sutra, they wish to be that string to you that will connect and bind you to righteous & healthy ways of living. According to Sutra studies, each client is unique in his or her health issues. Therefore, they take a customized as well as a wholesome approach to address the core problem.

Dedicated team of counselors at Slim Sutra studies diet history and create modified diets to suit your lifestyle. This is inherently combined with a scientific approach to weight loss. To ensure the transformation be constant and long term, they emphasize the importance of exercise in the form of Yog  asanas that not only helps in reaching the results faster, but also ensures immense control over senses and the ability to say no to temptations that arise along the path. Their aim is to offer integrated health plan for a healthy body, creative mind and evolving spirit.

They don’t make you starve or go on crash diets; instead they do it in your own suitable way that fits in perfectly with your routine.

It’s not only about the result, we wish to make your journey enjoyable as well. Because “being healthy is not a destination, it’s a process” says Mrs Shelly Khera.


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