Shazahn Padamsee in the Musical act ‘Legend Of Lovers’

ShazahnActress Shazahn Padamsee who has been part of successful Bollywood films, will soon be seen taking up something that could be surprising for many. The actress has for the very first time decided to feature in her first Musical directed by her father and renowned personality Alyque Padamsee. The show is going to be an audio visual experience for viewers. It is a mystical musical called ‘Legend Of Lovers’ which is based on a Greek Myth.

This will also be the first time that Shazahn will be singing professionally. Not only this but she has also trained got herself trained from Samantha Edwards who has trained Priyanka Chopra towards a successful musical career too.

Shazahn Padamsee to play EurydiceOn working with her father for the first time she says, “This Musical in particular because when we decided to work on a project together, we looked at a lot of scripts and nothing excited us as much as this extremely unique story based on love, life & death. I play the lead, Eurydice and she is the protagonist of the story. She is a girl who is unlike any other girl you’ve seen. She’s very Fairy-esque and has a lot of interesting shades to her character. The colour of her eyes changes when she isn’t truthful. There is a lot of stage magic and effects which will be happening live as well. It’s going to be an Audio Visual treat for the senses! A musical like you’ve never seen before! This project is my baby and I’ve worked hard on putting every aspect of this production together, it’s literally been a crash course in acting, producing and creating! I’ve had a blast!”

The actress also adds that, “Life is limitless and so are the opportunities, perspectives & experiences. Having rockstar parents has taught me to master as many trades as possible, gather as much knowledge needed to evolve creatively as an individual. I wanted to challenge myself on exploring the more deeper intense side of acting and something far away from the mainstream. There’s a whole lot of good thats coming from a new beginning.”