Shatika – The Undraped trailer finally launched by Y-Star Cine & Television Pvt Ltd.

Y-Star Cine & Television Pvt Ltd (YSCTPL) has finally launched the trailer of their much-awaited short film, Shatika – The Undraped.

Produced by Aditya Bhardwaj, directed by young debutante Sritama Dutta, Shatika – The Undraped features Milind Gunaji, Sushmita Mukherjee, Harry Josh and Swagata Naik. Popular entertainment publicist Vedant Mishra has ventured into production with YSCTPL and is credited as the executive producer of the film. The movie’s cinematography is done by Ashwini Pakhrot.

Producer Aditya and his team wish to take the short across several national and international film festivals and markets including Dubai International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Canadian Film Festival, MAMI, MIFF and many more, hoping to make a mark in both the circuits, post which they will plan a release in Mumbai followed by Dubai.

Shatika is a group work of young heads and has the potential to go far with its outcome. It highlights the lives of the lower strata of society and how they struggle to make ends meet, in the bargain, fall prey to different irreversible situations in their life.

The movie entails the story of a young beggar, Lali, who in wish to a buy sari for her mother – mad about new saris – is forced to sleep with different men for money having found no other way to earn some quick money. Lali is successful in buying new saris for her mother but she loses herself to HIV in the process. To her misfortune, her mother throws her out of the house coming to know of her disease and she is further looked down upon by her entire community.