SHAKAL PE MAT JA deals with deceptive goof ups, mistaken identities and madness

Are looks always deceptive? Could these four innocent looking guys be hard core terrorists involved in one of the biggest terror plans? SHAKAL PE MAT JA is a film which deals with all such deceptive goof ups, mistaken identities & madness created due to being there at the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent Looking maniacs, amateur terror groups, and Security forces who are never on time is what SHAKAL PE MAT JA is all about!

Releasing round the anniversary of the infamous 9/11 terror attacks, the film is the first venture of Linc Entertainment, a film division of Linc pens, a pioneer in the corporate world. The film is co-produced by Ipix Movies, headed by actress Hrishitaa Bhatt. Based on a real life incident, this film is being shot entirely at the airport where the incident took place 6 years back, where 4 young boys were caught & held back at the airport for hours, on suspicious grounds related to terrorism. The film is written and directed by Shubh.