Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor writing letters to communicate

We have all kinds of directors who make their actors go through all kinds of training and workshops to get into the skin of the role. But what Pankaj Kapoor got Shahid Kappor and Sonam Kapoor to do was really astounding and guess they continue to do so. Pankaj Kapoor wanted Shahid and Sonam to stop using the phone, sms or any short format for communication.

He wanted them to write handwritten letters to communicate for two months before they started shooting with each other. Initially both hated it. Today’s generation is very keen and communicates with 150 characters on sms and for them to write a note was cumbersome. Also both didn’t know how to write! So he put a strict rule that unless and until they g through this exercise he will not start shooting.

Both wrote really bad notes for two weeks which left the director Pankaj Kapoor fuming and baffled. Pankaj Kapoor felt that it was very important for them to be able to write their thoughts down. And also since Pankaj Kapoor belongs to theatre he applied all mythologies of theatre. After that the two got so use to writing letters that they continue to do so even today. Now it’s been two years that they have continued this exercise and now are use to it.