Shaan mesmerizes Mumbaikars with Fever Tribute Series for beloved Kishore Da

As a part of its Fever Tribute series, Fever Entertainment roped in the very captivating Shaan to pay tribute to the legendary Kishore Kumar. Audiences at the Shanmukhananda Hall were left spellbound after an enthralling live performance by the singer. Shaan’s melodious voice traversed the audiences to the poignant and black and white era of soulful music.

The concert was organized as a tribute to the renowned Kishore Kumar. Kishore Da started his career as playback singer and proceeded into acting, direction, etc. Considered to be a versatile genius, these other facets add to his outstanding artistic personality. The charm and the brilliance of his compositions continue to enchant us to date.

Replete with renditions like ‘Chhookar Mere Mann Ko’, ‘O Hansini’, ‘Dekha Na Haye Socha Na’, ‘Apni toh Jaise Taise’, Shaan efficiently captivated the senses of every individual at the Shanmukhananda Hall.

Speaking of the Fever Tribute series, Shaan said, “I have grown up listening to Kishore, he has been an undeniable inspiration in my life. I am so glad that Fever Entertainment provided me with the opportunity to pay tribute to the legend that Kishore Kumar was, and continues to be.”

Harshad Jain, Business Head, Fever 104 FM, said, “Kishore Kumar continues to reside in our hearts after all these years. We decided to commemorate the Legend with the exemplary performance Shaan is known for. We at Fever are always in the lookout to provide our listeners with diverse musical experiences that touches their hearts and souls. We look forward to come up with more such concerts and offerings in varied formats to satisfy the incessant musical pursuit of the audiences.”