Shaan joins hand with Sachin Gupta to croon an anthem for ‘Ralley For Rivers’ campaign

Music is a voice of millions, not only human beings but our ecosystem is stable because it dances on the fine tune of our nature. It is used to express emotions and transcends all boundaries between people and brings them closer. And a person who creates his own rhythm and lives his life on those beats Sachin Gupta has recently taken an initiative to help our very own Indian rivers which supports major life resource “water”.

The popular music composer has recently composed the anthem as an offering for Rally for Rivers, a cause to save the lifeline of our Indian rivers. Having been offered the support from every top name in our society there was one more hand that came forward for the cause was Shaan. After giving his voice for numerous award winning performances he crooned an anthem with “Sachin Gupta” for the campaign ‘Rally for Rivers’, an initiative by sadguru Jaggi Vasudev and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sachin couldn’t have asked for more.

Composing the theme for this anthem along with Shaan, whose songs will still hum in our day to day life, a singer who is an active playback singer in Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kannada film industry, Shaan also specialises in singing in different languages like Urdu, Marathi etc.

Known for his chartbusters and for his successful movies like Prince, YPD2 and Mere Dad Ki Maruti, Sachin is quite enthusiastic about the anthem and says, “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it felt like a direct blessing from sadguru to have been able to offer this anthem for this great cause. 60% of our rivers have dried up and the situation is getting worse. And also I am very thankful to MR. and MRS. Fadnavis for their support and love. The cause has been started to urge people to save the forests near the rivers. This anthem is supporting that feeling and that pledge to save and preserve our rivers from now on.