Sensuous Saree Collection by Jade

JADE known for its minute texture and variations in Indian traditional wear has introduced a wide range of modern, chic and elegant evening wear sarees designed to lend a look of sophistication and romance.  JADE saree is the ideal canvas for Monica Shah and Karishma Swali and in many ways of reflection of JADE’s design philosophy of effortless elegance.

The saree collection brings out the sensuous Indian compilation with a contemporary twist making it an ideal party or an evening wear. The allure and sheer expressive magnitude of the saree is incomparable. The collection involves silks, French chiffons, laces and tulle’s and the color palette decidedly explodes the chic colors of midnight blues. The fabric and design makes the saree an absolute bliss to wear.

The saree has pop, young- vibrant as well as the cocktail colors. The embroidery detailing is kept to the minimal and the blouse has been given a modern technique which makes it look very aesthetic and neat.

Every Indian inspired contemporary collection contains a fashion forward theme, keeping the brand in line with the recent trends and looks and keeping the roots intact Jade gives you an ultimate charm to glam up with.