Saregama launches Ustad Shujaat Khan’s album SATRANGEE

Saregama launches a new album titled SATRANGEE of Ustad Shujaat Khan. Shujaat ji has rendered the songs in various flavors. This album is very different from all his earlier albums, it is an eclectic collection of Folk, Classical, Fusion, Sufi, Sitar, Ghazal & Geet.

Saregama presenting Shujaat Khan, the Grammy Award winning sitar virtuoso and son of Ustad Vilayat Khan, as he embarks on a Sufi journey accompanied by the famous Pakha singers of Kashmiri folk fame. Explore the magic of Shujaat Khan as he takes traditional numbers and reinterprets them in a mesmerizing combination of his rich vocals, excellent sitar playing and true Kashmiri folk genius!

The Pakha songs are folk songs of Jammu and Kashmir, characterized by beautiful rhythms. This song can be sung without the use of instruments. With irregular meter, the song has various modulations in its tone and note. This variation can be identified from the hand movements of the artists. The lyrics of the Pakhaare in Dogri language and the sounds are harmony.