Sanjay Suri says no to a stunt double for PREM MAYEE

Throwing caution to the wind, actor Sanjay Suri decided to go ahead with a stunt which required him to spit fire in his forthcoming drama, Moving Reels PREM MAYEE.

Despite having hired a professional fire breather, Sanjay Suri insisted on learning the art and doing the stunt himself when director Shekhar S. Jha mentioned that a close-up shot would take the scene notches higher.

Says a source, “Director Shekhar Jha had contemplated a close-up shot but didn’t want to put any of the actors in a situation that would cause injury – A professional fire breather was called to perform the stunt but instead of using him in the scene. Sanjay Suri insisted on doing it himself despite being warned about the dangers….he had the professional demonstrate the process to him and he was ready to give a shot.”

Starring Sanjay Suri, Chandrachur Singh, Shreya Narayan, Chitrashi Rawat and Auroshikha Dey, Moving Reels PREM MAYEE comes to a theater near you 12th October, 2012.