Sanjay Shejwal and Gauri Konge’s love chemistry in TATWA

Saryu Art Production’s presentation, producer Dr. Saryu Pazare’s debut venture TATWA is releasing on 26th May. With this film veteran actor Arun Nalawade is debuting as director.

Audience will get to watch love chemistry between Sanjay Shejwal and Gauri Konge who play Likhit and Shilpa. What turns and twist come in their lovestory is an emotional tale.

The film also stars Arun Nalawade, Dr. Saryu Pazare, Devendra Dodke, Dr. Sarita Gharde, Vikrant Borkar, Nutan Dhavne, Sheetal Raut, Sadanand Borkar, Kamlakar Borkar, Manjusha Joshi and child artist Gauri.

The story is written by M.Kanthale, dialogues by Dr. Saryu Pazare, Dr. Sarita Gharde, Suresh Kamble and Shailesh Thavre, cinematography by Imtiyaz Bargir, editing by B.Mahanteshwar and Rohan Sarode. The film is co-produced by Vishal Ramteke and S. Kondbattulwar.