Sanjay Mone plays Hafiz Syed in SHOOR AAMHI SARDAR

Sanjay Mone has played wanted terrorist Hafiz Syed in upcoming film SHOOR AAMHI SARDAR. The film is releasing on 21st April.

Sanjay says, “I have never played such character till today. I can look alike him and can play Hafiz Syed is director’s thought and vision. This character was definitely challenging for me.”

About getting into the skin of the character Sanjay shares, “After make-up during look test, I found that I look alike Hafiz Syed. So further it was easy. I watched few videos of Hafiz on You Tube to understand him. Though length of my character is small, but plays an important role in the story.”

Indo-Aus Entertainment, Jhumka Films and Sasa Productions Dr. Pragnya Duggal, Shweta Deshpande and Ganesh Loke produced film is about three youngsters who come together to fight against terrorism. Ganesh Loke has written the story, co-directed and also played the lead.

SHOOR AAMHI SARDAR also stars Shantanu Moghe, Sayaji Shinde and Bharat Ganeshpure.