Sangeeta Ahir celebrated Women’s day at Tata Mill

“Women is a symbol of power, God’s finest and beautiful creation without whom no creation is possible”. We wouldn’t agree more, this is a women’s era where no field is left untouched by remarkable work of women and they are being shoulder to shoulder with men. The world is filled with idols to whom we look up to and among which Sangeeta Ahir the most empowering personality has given us one more reason to appreciate her by celebrating Women’s day with 200 women mill worker at Tata mill.

Sangeeta Ahir has always been devoting herself for various social cause for which she started ‘Maitri Charitable Trust’ who works for women empowerment and organizes activities and has taken many initiatives to make people aware about the problem existent in society. Even on the Women’s day women mill workers were on their duties which was appreciated by Sangeeta Ahir , she even interacted with all of them conveying the importance a woman holds in the society and how we all can together work for the upliftment of our selves. To celebrate Women’s day in a true way the gifts were showered on each one of the woman present there and kind of joy they felt after receiving was so blissful!

Sangeeta Ahir is a director of ManglMurti Films PVT. LTD. primarily known as producer and distributor in Indian Film Industry. She has produced Guddu Rangeela, Singh Saab the Great and Golmaal Again directed by Rohit Shetty.