Salil Ankola is a fitness freak in real life

We all have known that, Akshay Kumar is one of most disciplined Bollywood actor when it comes to fitness, be it leading a healthy life or motivating others to be fit, the actor has always inspired everyone. But not many are aware that the television world also has someone like him and he is no one other then television actor Salil Ankola who is currently seen in Color’s ongoing show ‘Shani.

According to a close to the actor, Salil is known to be a fitness freak. Just like Akshay Kumar, Salil also believes in waking up early and starting his day as early as 3am! Yes the actor is known to be making his schedule in such a way that he makes sure to head to gym early morning and then organize his day accordingly. Amidst the chaos of shooting life, Salil is one of those few actors who give time in making efforts of eating the right kind of food and also inspiring his close ones to do the same. That’s not all! Just like actor Akshay Kumar, Salil also likes being at home and spending quality time with his family rather than socializing and partying. A disciplined person Salil goes to bed at sharp 9pm!

Talking about his fitness funda Salil says, “I believe in leading a healthy life. For me fitness doesn’t mean to have just abs or muscular look but it’s more of exercising daily and eating the right food.  I am very particular with my routine and I tend to not ignore my health. Being an actor is a difficult job due to tight schedules but one must be dedicated in being fit.”