SAB TV launches India’s first funny detective comedy ‘Jaankhilavan Jasoos’

SAB TV, India’s leading family comedy entertainment channel launches India’s first funny detective comedy show -Jaankhilavan Jasoos. The weekly series promises to take the viewers on a thrill ride full of suspense and comedy.  Premiering on November 19th 2010 the show will air every Friday at 9:00 pm only on SAB TV.

Showcasing a perfect blend of thrill and comedy, the unique new series will revolve around ‘The Private Eye Investigation’ team of three characters, led by their Chief Detective Jaankhilavan Jasoos more commonly known as JJ. Played by the well known actor Nitesh Pandey, a poker faced and absolutely hilarious comedian, JJ will make audiences laugh with his quirky one-liners and weird theories of common criminal investigations. Depicting the antics of a bumbling detective who makes more blunders and fewer deductions at the crime scene, he manages to solve his cases with the grace of sheer luck. Detective JJ is accompanied by his beautiful assistant – Monalisa enacted by Sonali Nikam and his office assistant Ching Fung Lee aka Viinod Rai.

Commenting on the launch of this new show, Mr. Anooj Kapoor, Executive VP & Business Head SAB TV said, “In keeping with our strategy of differentiation through innovation, we have always launched shows which capture different flavours and genres of comedy. After having successfully launched India’s first silent comedy, we now add another first to the history of Indian television with the launch of a detective comedy – ‘Jaankhilavan Jasoos’.”

He further adds, “We are happy with the way our viewers are appreciating our efforts and would continue to entertain them through our offerings.”

Jaankhilavan Jasoos is being produced by Fireworks and directed by Prabal Baruah who has directed several popular shows on television which includes Gutur Gu – India’s first silent comedy.

Conceptualized as a detective show with humour, the series will solve a fresh case each week. The nature of the featured cases would be primarily related to robberies, thefts, kidnappings and common frauds. Comic action and spectacular visuals would be the highlight of this series. So, get set to watch the funny travails of JJ and his team and get entertained every Friday.

Watch the famous trio – Detective JJ, Monalisa and Ching Fung Lee in Jaankhilavan Jasoos

starting November 19, 2010 at 9:00 pm only on SAB TV