Saam TV’s reality show NASHEEB NAVACHE , Golden opportunity to win GOLD

NASHEEB NAVACHE, Saam TV’s absolutely entertaining reality show will also increase the general knowledge of audience. Starting from 28th June 2012 the show will air every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at prime time 9 p.m.

Brainchild of Dr. Balaji Tambe the game show is produced by Ramesh Deo Productions, directed by Sachin Goswami.

Life is a beautiful game. Everybody have ups and downs in their life. We keep on moving with joy and sorrow. Game of life you will see through format of the game show with entertainment. Every weekend one participant family will win a prize and the one participant will get opportunity to win 1.25 kg. gold as bumper prize. Every member of family can participate and give answer of the question asked. The game has 81 boxes. In given time period and with limited moves the participant has to achieve the goal.

Talking about the show producer Ajinkya Deo says, “To raise the bar of Marathi reality shows we have specially concentrated on the set. Audience will definitely get entertainment from show. Also the prize given to the winner family would be surprising as well as useful in life. To take the show on different level we have not compromised with any aspect.”

Sunil Barve is the anchor of the show. Music is given by Shashank Powar, lyric penned by Shrirang Godbole, sung by Swapnil Bandodkar.

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