Roca launches the ‘We Are Water Foundation’

Roca, the leading global bathroom brand, today announced the launch of the ‘We Are Water Foundation’ to raise the bar on global and water conservation inn India at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. The launch co-incides with the global launch simultaneously in twenty countries including in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Paris (France), Shanghai (China), Moscow (Russia), Beirut (Lebanon), London (United Kingdom) and many others. The ‘We Are Water Foundation’ will promote awareness and debate amongst the public and organizations on the need to create a new culture of water, to permit the fair development and sustainable management of the world’s water resources, in addition to supporting various cooperation projects in collaboration with NGOs and other bodies.

The launch event was attended by Mr. Emilio Salazar, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd; Mr. Don Antonio Bullon, Consul General of Spain; Mr. Shekhar Kapur, Director & Producer & Mr. TV Chalapathi, Director of the Vincente Ferrer Foundation (VFF) who shared their perspective in support of this increasingly important cause.

In India, the Foundation has partnered with VFF to construct a reservoir with a capacity of 80,000 m3 in India’s second lowest rainfall district in Anantpur,in the outskirts of the town of Ganjikunta. This reservoir will store water and regenerate underground tanks that supply water to the area’s wells. This will benefit the agricultural and livestock activities of Ganjikunta’s inhabitants.

At the function the Foundation also screened its first initiative, a landmark documentary, “Aral: the Lost Sea,” directed by the prestigious filmmaker Isabel Coixet, with participation by Sir Ben Kingsley and Tim Robbins. The film has already recently been presented at San Sebastian International Film Festival in September. The documentary is the first activity sponsored by We Are Water Foundation and narrates the dramatic drying out of the Aral Sea, one of the greatest ecological disasters ever.  This documentary film initiative represents the collaborative effort of the We Are Water with artists (filmmakers, singers, actors, etc) and NGO’s which share the same interests to raise the consciousness on water issues around the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Emilio Salazar Noguera, Managing Director, Roca India, said, “It is time now to link our leadership to environmental issues, an area in which we have been already involved for more than 50 years. We Are Water Foundation is a part of our commitment to sustainability and with communities most affected by the lack of water and its consequences. The Foundation seeks to become a referral for the management of environmental issues and sustainable development, especially in everything related to water”. The main goals of the We Are Water Foundation will be to counter the negative effects of the lack of adequate water resources in the world, raise public awareness and encourage it to give donations and make possible cooperation projects. Given that it is dealing with a global issue, the We Are Water Foundation sets itself within the general framework of the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations and its Water for Life programme. Its main areas of action will broadly encompass the health problems caused by water shortages, environmental sustainability, natural disasters, education and development programmes and any water-related gender issue.

Water is a resource that is indispensible for human life and dignity and will be the greatest global challenge for the 21st century. As per the Second World Water Development Report published by UN in 2008, 1,100 million people do not have access to an adequate water supply. The UN also pointed out the need for coordinated action between the 360 humanitarian organizations –including those of the UN and NGOs– currently helping the most vulnerable and deprived areas of society. It is said that management of water resources will provoke one of the 21st century’s greatest social conflicts. Reliable data from UNESCO indicates that, by 2025, demand for water will be 56% above its supply. In view, of the urgency to meet this challenge and play a key role in defining solutions, the launch of the We Are Water Foundation is a step in this direction.

The launch of the We Are Water Foundation is an initiative of Roca which, from its very beginnings, has been committed to the environment in terms of both its products and its production processes. Roca is keenly aware that water is a unique, limited resource, and has therefore committed to the responsible use and consumption of water which has now taken on a new dimension with the making of the We Are Water Foundation. By creating this Foundation, Roca aims to show its solidarity with those people and communities most affected by the water.