Reliance Home Video releases the DVD the RED RIDING HOOD

Rethink everything you knew about the age-old tale with RED RIDING HOOD now  available on Blu-ray & DVD, released by Reliance Home Video. Inspired by the beloved fairy tale, director Catherine Hardwicke (TWILIGHT) reveals an edgy side of this classic story, complete with passion, mystery and ever-present danger.

Starring Amanda Seyfreid (“Letters to Juliet,” “Mamma Mia”), RED RIDING HOOD is the tale of beautiful young villager Valerie (Seyfried), who is promised in marriage to one man but in love with another. Her troubles intensify when the local werewolf rejects its monthly animal sacrifice and kills Valerie’s older sister. When a werewolf hunter played by Gary Oldman (the “Harry Potter” series) tells the villagers that the werewolf is disguised among the villages in human form, Valerie discovers a unique connection to the werewolf. Their connection inexorably draws them together, making her both suspect…and bait.

RED RIDING HOOD is available on Blu-ray (Rs.1299), DVD (Rs.599) & VCD (English-Rs.299, Hindi-Rs.99).