Red FM takes RJ Malishka On-Ground

Red FM, the only radio station with an expression is throwing open all avenues for its listeners. Taking their latest and most innovative campaign on-ground, listeners will get to record their ‘jasoosi’ stories on life size cut-outs of RJ Malishka. These cut-outs which have a recorder attached are placed at strategic venues across the city. OB jocks are also out on the streets getting people to share stories, instances and/or issues which are being Bajaaoed by RJ Malishka.

Speaking about her experience, Malishka says, “When we kick started this campaign, we had absolutely no idea that Mumbaikars can be qualified as actual secret undercover agents! The most intriguing jaoosi story that I have bajaaoed on air is the one where a teenager tells me about having drugs delivered at his doorsteps. I had to experience this. I set out with my team to procure the drugs and I was amazed at the simplicity of getting access to the same. Goes without saying the concerned authorities were involved at all times.”

She adds, “Did you know that it’s possible to not only get into the Mumbai airport without a valid ticket or pass but also go up to the security check without any problems? Since it was reported to us with such confidence, we decided to test it ourselves. We sent one of our on-air staff to the airport with an invalid ticket on which the date was changed manually. Not only could she enter the airport premises but she also succeeded in coming out avoiding any incident with the airport staff. What is amazing is that Mumbaikars are using this platform to the fullest. We hope to bajaao many more issues like these.”

The campaign ‘Malishka ka Jasoos’ is supported by a 360 degree marketing initiative across the spectrum of the outdoor, print, online and on-air medium. The On-ground activities have kick started in the city at major malls across western and central suburbs, select Barista outlets and corporate offices across town.

Commenting on this innovative and one-of-a-kind campaign, Nisha Narayanan, Senior VP, Projects and Programming says “The response to our campaign Malishka Ka Jasoos has been phenomenal. Our brand attitude ‘Bajaate Raho’ reflects brilliantly with this 360 degree campaign. The whole idea of this campaign was to boost listener interactivity and increase the listener generated content which Malishka is pulling off very well. Responses from the listeners have been pouring from all corners of the city and since then we have had listeners sharing bigger and more shocking stories!”

Besides this, the activations at malls will include scavenger hunts which are gaining immense popularity with the audience. To add a little drama to these scavenger hunts, RED FM’s audiences will get to see the characters Jasoos Karamchand and his famous sidekick Kitty in funky costumes going around the mall with magnifying glass.

The ‘Malishka ka Jasoos’ campaign has designed all its activities so as to give the listeners a direct connect with Malishka through a dedicated mobile number 9702000935. Besides the on-ground activations, the 360 degree campaign includes Hoardings, Bus Shelters, Bus Seat Backs, Auto rickshaws, BEST AC Bus wraps, Stations Boards and train transfers amongst other mass media. In addition to this, mobile and social media like facebook and twitter have also been integrated with the campaign to call for participation.