Ravi Kissen Fans pour milk on his cutouts

The Rajinikant like craze was seen in different parts of Bihar when people from Ravi Kissen fan club pour milk on his cutouts and prayed for this bhojpuri star. These places were Patna, Mujaffarpur, Motihari and Katihar where the Ravi Kissen Fan Club prayed for Ravi Kissen’s luck and happiness. This friday, Ravi Kissen’s FAULAAD also released, thus making the day more excited for the Ravi Kissen’s fan. The fans worshipped the god, then pour the milk on Ravi Kissen’s cutouts and then distributed laddoos as prasad.

In Patna, the fans of Ravi Kissen reached Veena Cinema Hall where his film FAULAAD was released. The movie also stars Sushil Singh, Anjana Singh and Awadhesh Mishra and has been directed by Feroze Khan. The fans then garlanded the cutouts and then pour the milk on them. The head of Ravi Kissen Fan Club, Neeraj Pandey and Uday Bhagat were leading this crowd. The crowd also met the whole cast and crew of the movie FAULAAD. On this occasion, Himadri Das from Bihar Advertisement Association also planted trees.

Neeraj Pandey told us that they have prayed to god for Ravi Kissen so that the current problem he is in, due to her maid’s suicide, can be dealt easily. He also wished FAULAAD to be a super hit movie. The procession in Mujaffarpur was led by Alok Srivastava, while Sujit Sarthak and Ritesh Jaisawal led the club in Motihari and Katihar respectively.