Rati Agnihotri rides the bike for DEHRAADUN DIARY

Rati Agnihotri who rode a motorbike in Amitabh Bachchan starer Coolie, will be yet again seen riding a bike for DEHRAADUN DIARY which will be hitting the silver screen on the last week of November 2012 tentatively and is directed by Milind Ukey, whose previous movie was Shahid Kapoor Starrer Paathshala. DEHRAADUN DIARY is a real life controversial murder case starring Adhyayan Suman, Ragini Nandwani, Vishal Bhosle, Rohit Bakshi and Neelima Azim.

Director Milind Ukey recalls, “While shooting a bike riding sequence with Ratiji, we had informed Ratiji that a body double will be used as we did not want to take any risk with her riding. Much to our surprise Ratiji responded that she would like to ride the bike herself and there was no need for a body double.” The sequence was Ratiji had to ride the bike with her son sitting behind her. When the shot was called, the entire unit was surprised to see how comfortably Ratiji was driving the bike.

Rohit Bakshi who plays her son in the movie was very surprised too as Ratiji rode the bike like an expert. A source close to Ratiji says, “For Ratiji this scene was exciting and after a long gap she has again rode a bike and she was thrilled about the same.” A source says, “She was fearless and so poised for the shot that it turned to be a fabulous shot.”

Senior Action Director Mahendra Verma who was the action director of Coolie was also present on the sets to overlook and support Rati doing the bike sequence in our film.  Says producer Anita Nandwani , “Everybody have become a fan of Ratiji and she is a great actor and highly professional person as well.” The audiences will be in for a delight with this film.