Rannvijay and Proburst – Busting Protein Myths Together

‘Bursting the myths… correct knowledge & awareness is the need of the hour to bust the myths surrounding protein consumption in our country. PROBU RST as a brand stands for the same philosophy to lead a fit & healthy lifestyle. PROBURST and me…we fit right in together’… says the flag bearer of fitness for the youth in India, he symbolizes adventure, a king of stunts, an innovator of nature sports, a life dedicated to fitness… none other than Rannvijay Singha.
That is precisely the reason we join hands with Rannvijay to run a protein awareness drive and develop a fitness culture in the country. Owing to the lifestyle diseases, focus on health and fitness is of prime importance for all of us irrespective of age & gender. We just can’t afford to look at fitness as just a physical activity any more. It has to be incorporated in our day to day life, diet & awareness is the key here and that’s where we as a brand and Rann vijay as our brand’s face have put up our hand and taken up this responsibility,” says Anubhav Goyal, Director, Famcare India Pvt. Ltd.
Rannvijay adds that PROBURST is the best in this category of Whey Protein and keeps me going in challenging lifestyle.
There is a lot to watch out for in the space of protein awareness drive that PROBURST has planned along with the youth icon Rannvijay.