Ranbir Kapoor spent the rest of the day profusely apologizing

Ranbir Kapoor –the flavor of the season seems to deliver one hit after another all thanks to his professional and very meticulous approach towards a film.

This time around while shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Anjaana Anjaani Ranbir Kapoor got so engrossed into getting a particular running scene right that co-star Priyanka Chopra injured her leg thanks to a pair of high heels and Ranbir ‘s enthusiasm to get the scene right.

Says a source present on the sets “In the scene Ranbir and Priyanka had to filmed running away and Ranbir unintentionally was running at a pace too fast for Priyanka who was already having trouble in her high heels .Next thing you know she had fallen down and her leg was bleeding profusely.”

The shoot was stalled for 4 hours and Ranbir Kapoor being the gentleman he is spent the rest of the day profusely apologizing to Priyanka Chopra and even personally looked into getting a doctor’s opinion.

“Ranbir felt terrible about Priyanka’s leg and spent the rest of the day checking up on her and apologizing to her” adds the source.

Join in the madness this season as Anjaana Anjaani releases September 2010.