Rakesh Roshan unveiled first look of Producer Kawal Sharma’s film DELHI EYE

First look of AKS Production presentation, Producer-director Kawal Sharma’s DELHI EYE unveiled by Rakesh Roshan at Filmistan Studio. He also broke the auspicious coconut.

Kawal Sharma had brought together the entire cast of film DELHI EYE. The event witnessed a grand unveiling of poster and trailor look. The star cast includes Nimesh Srivastava, Dimple Patel, Vikrant Rai, Mansi Pritam, Roop Bhatia, Nitin Gurbani, Rajit Kapur, Raju Kher and Rakesh Bedi.

‘Mayka’ and ‘Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyan’ fame popular TV actor Vikrant Rai is debuting on silver screen with this film.

Producer Kawal Sharma played a perfect host and organised a grand party. He had been the most adorable producer mentioned by the entire cast. Amy Billimoria and Vaishali Desai visited the set. Also spoottted Carlyta Mohini.

The film is heading towards post production and is due to release this year.