Rajniesh Duggal has a sweet heart

Unhhh…Don’t misunderstand. Rajniesh Duggal is already having his sweetheart in real life. What we mean to say the sweet guy is very sweet at heart. We spotted Rajniesh at a local supermarket doing a sweet little good deed.

Apparently the actor was shopping for some house provisions at the mart and as he reached the counter to make his payment, he noticed few small underprivileged kids at the door of the shop. These little children were struggling to count change to buy a chocolate for themselves.

Now not many know this, but Rajniesh is a big choco-lover and his heart immediately went out to the kids there. An on looker said, “Without thinking twice, Rajniesh purchased a big box of chocolates and handed it over to the group of kids. His sweet gesture bought an instant happiness on the faces of the kids who obviously could not hide their excitement.”

Kudos to the actor for his good deed!