RAAZ 3 – VFX, DI and Mind-Boggling 3D Movie Solutions provided by Prasad EFX

Prasad EFX, India’s leading digital post production services company has provided the complete range of 3D Movie Making Solutions for RAAZ 3. Prasad EFX has also provided Digital Intermediate, VFX, Film Prints and Digital Cinema Prints for this Megahit.

Vikram Bhatt, Director of RAAZ 3-3D says, “I appreciate the efforts put in by the entire Prasad team without which this would not have been possible. The team worked day and night on every detail without stopping till they achieved excellence. Prasad should be proud of what they have created. I am indebted for the effort that has been taken and cannot thank them enough. Prasad leaves every other post studio behind by leagues with this effort.”

Mr. Mahesh Bhatt in a mail to Kavita Prasad, Director, Prasad EFX says, “A big thank you to you and your brilliant team. RAAZ 3 was not possible without this support. You are the BEST!”

Sai Prasad, Director Prasad Group adds, “This is an exciting phase in our business as the world of cinema is moving towards 3D. In India there are a number of 3D projects lined up at Prasad to utilize our completely integrated package of 3D movie related services. Our association with International leaders and technology providers has given us an edge over other such service providers in India.”

“Prasad Group in its history spanning over 55 years, has been the first to bring to India the latest technologies and services including Digital Intermediate, Digital Film Restoration, Stereoscopic Conversion, 3D Movie Making Solutions and 3D Post. We are confident that we will keep innovating in key areas as we move into the future to bring the best from around the world for our valued clientele,” concludes Sai.

Says Himakumar, Head of DI & VFX at Prasad EFX, “We worked on more than 240 VFX shots for RAAZ 3 spanning a duration exceeding 22 Minutes. A team of more than 100 graphic artists worked round the clock for about two and half months to meet the delivery deadline. Some of the interesting and thrilling VFX shots include the cockroach sequence, millipede sequence, ghost sequences, acid effects and several other challenging effects.  As the movie was in 3D we had to create the VFX for left & right eye layers which was a big challenge by itself. The Graphics were highly appreciated by Mr. Vikram Bhatt, Mr. Pravin Bhatt and the Production Houses.”

Recently Prasad launched their State-of-the-Art Digital Intermediate facility in Mumbai incorporating the latest technologies and equipment including 3D projection systems to provide world class service to their valued customers.