Protest against ACP Dhoble at Filmistan Studio

There were many youngsters protesting against ACP Dhoble. Celebrities Aman Varma, Mahi Khanduri, Sheetal Shah, Vipul Kapil, Mushtaq Khan were also part of the Morcha. Well it was not in real but a reel scene. Producer-director Jayprakash’s film DEE SATURDAY NIGHT shoot was going on at Filmistan Studio, Goregaon, Mumbai.

The film brings ACP Vasant Dhoble on celluloid who is famous for raids on parties and discotheques. His attacks on Mumbai’s night life were appreciated as well as hated by many people. Arif Zakaria plays ACP Vikas Dhoble in the film. He was also seen with hockey stick.

Arif said, “When this role was offered to me there was no question of refusing it. I was amazed by the work ACP Dhoble did in just few days. I am really excited to play the character based on him.”

Producer-director Jayprakash made films like Saajan Ki Bahon Mein, Manchala, Sauda, Market returns with DEE SATURDAY NIGHT after the gap of seven years. Talking to GLAMGOLD he said, “I have completed 50 % shoot. Next we will be shooting at Goa for rave party scenes. I am planning to release the film by end of the year.”

When asked about DEE in title Jayprakash said, “DEE stands for Dirty English Entertainment. Today youngsters have indulged in party culture, sex, drugs and night life. You see the outfits they wear. This all is misleading our young assets. When I read the script penned by Miraq Mirza I really liked it and decide to bring on reels.”

DEE SATURDAY NIGHT stars Arif Zakaria, Aman Varma, Mahi Khanduri, Sheetal Shah, Vipul Kapil, Mushtaq Khan, Nasir Abdullah, Smita Jaykar, Ganesh Yadav, Ashwin Pradhan and Vishwajit Pradhan. Music by Ankit Tiwari, lyrics by Sandeep Nath and camera by Prem Niggu.