PRO Ram Kondikar’s hattrick in promoting films getting National Awards

A PRO plays pivotal role in promoting the film. Renown PRO Ram Kondilkar is successfully doing it for Marathi films. In recent years films which got National Awards, Ram was PRO for those. This year DHAG received National Award, last year was DEOOL and in 2011 JOGWA received the prestigious award.

Having experience of ten years, Ram knows in and out very well of promoting any film. One can not use the same path for promoting any movie. Every film has different story, aspects and he goes according to those points keeping in mind.

In initially years Ram use to work in day time and going for studies in night college. With honesty and hard work he has reached where today he is. Now he is fruits of his hard work since 2002. GLAMGOLD congratulates him and wishes all the best for future.