PREM RANG ready to hit the screens on 26 February

PosterPREM RANG, probably the most promising film in the long spanning career of Hiten Kumar, will be soon released in cinemas across Gujarat. Along with introducing a promising new face Pari to the audience, he is also bringing back Ramlo, one of the most loved characters played by him. At one end, the Gujarati film industry is seeing a vigorous new innings of urban films. On the other hand, Hiten Kumar, who knows the pulse of millions of Gujarati viewers like no other knows, is bringing a film that promises to lure both rural and urban viewers alike.

Hiten Kumar in PremRangHiten Kumar has also played the part of the creative captain of this mega venture. He says, “Since many years I was eager to make a film which can appeal to all viewers irrespective of their age. Such a film should also have the power of attracting even those viewers who have stayed away from Gujarati films for years. My wish to deliver such a fantastic film is getting fulfilled with PREM RANG. I feel immensely happy for this as this film will add more energy and vigor in the film industry of our beloved mothertongue.”

Made under the banner of Playing Drama Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., PREM RANG is an immensely interesting love triangle. Says Hiten Kumar, “I have been groomed by many directors with whom I have worked in the last two decades. Their work and understanding of cinema have helped me have an insight of the business as well as creativity. Today, I believe that as a senior, it’s my earnest duty to repay new generation and give something very interesting to viewers. As a creative captain of the film, I have tried to do just that. I have tried my best to give whatever I could under the directorship of Rafik Pathan.”

PariRafik Pathan already has few hit films to his credit. He is very optimistic about the success of PREM RANG. According to him, “A film should be loved by one and all. PREM RANG depicts a story which follows this basic rule and brings the best entertainment for viewers. With extraordinary screen presence of Hiten Kumar, PREM RANG also has gorgeous Pari in lead. I am sure that their pair as well as the film will hit the Bull’s Eye.”

Debutant lady Pari too feels elated about this, as she says, “It is my sheer luck that I am beginning my career with a stalwart like Hiten Kumar. What’s more a newcomer could ask for? I also feel very blessed because of the fact that my character in PREM RANG is very powerful and in sync with the narrative. I believe that this film will hit the right chord with one and all, whether he or she is a villager, or an urban citizen.”

Hiten Kumar as RangloThe production of PREM RANG has many firsts to its credit. Besides top-notch production, it has 8 extremely hummable songs composed by internationally acclaimed Samir-Mana. They are also the first ever music composer duo of a husband and wife. Samir had been associated with music maestro Illayaraja for many years. The film is extensively shot at many locales which are never seen in any Gujarati film before.

PREM RANG will be released in single screens and multiplexes on 26 February 2016. From Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya, Maiyar Ma Mandu Nathi Laagtu and its sequel, to recent hits like Motina Chok Re Sapnama Deetha, Gago Ke Dadanu Painu Painu Karto To and offbeat films like Chaar and Janmadata, Hiten Kumar is all set to give yet another landmark film to us. Summing up conversation, Hiten Kumar says, PREM RANG is loaded with a great story, emotions, fun, romance as well as superb music. I assure you that every Gujarati will feel proud about it.”