Prateik got completely mesmerized by Taj Mahal

Prateik the lover boy is all over in love again but this time it is with the beautiful monument at Agra. He is completely mesmerized by Taj Mahal and just can’t stop talking about it.

The team of EK DEEWANA THA which is Prateik, Amy Jackson, A R Rahman and Gautham Menon launched the music of their film at a hotel in Agra with the backdrop of The Taj Mahal. The film is a complete love story.

Prateik just could not take his eyes off the beautiful monument. He played the tour guide to take her around and spent whatever time they could. Amy too was completely floored looking at the Taj Mahal. Prateik actually spent most of his time telling her about its history.

Prateik even gifted Amy a miniature of the Taj Mahal since she had loved it so much. Well we hope this symbol of love gets Amy more closer to this Deewana boy. The film releases on 3rd February.