Prarthna becomes Hindi Nazi on the set of Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal

An Actor works 12 hrs a day and portrays a character which they don’t relate in real life. It is often seen that the actors find it difficult to leave their character behind in their real life. Something similar occurred on the set of Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? Where, Astha Agarwal who plays the role Prarthna, started speaking in Literal Hindi. It is been reported that the actress has been correcting everyone’s Hindi on the set. From crew to the cast the actress has been pointing out mistakes of everyone who uses English in their Hindi. Currently, she is become the Pandit in Hindi on the set.

The actress who has become pro in speaking Hindi said, “It’s funny that Hindi has taken over my normal routine life. As an actress you sometimes pick up traits from your character. Prarthna, who speaks only in fluent Hindi has made a huge impact on me. Speaking in fluent Hindi during most part of my day, I forgot that I can speak in normal Hindi. Just to pull everyone’s leg I started correcting their Hindi on set. It’s funny when they get irritated especially when I correct my husband in his Hindi. He gets irritated and runs away whenever I talk in Hindi.”

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