Prachi Desai’s next is an Fantasy adventure film

Veteran filmmaker Raj Kanwar’s sons, Abhay and Karan, are set to revive the banner with a fantasy-adventure film named Kosha staring Prachi Desai in the lead role. Taking off from Abhay’s anime-style storyboard, the film is presently being shot at Madh Island with Prachi Desai as the leading lady.

Kosha is a modern, dark, urban and twisted retelling of several classic fairy tales.

“Karan and I wanted to make a film we believed in, something imaginative, original and not a reprint of an international DVD,“ says Abhay, who has also penned the screenplay and dialogue.

He started out three years ago with a comic series about a disruptive girl with purple locks and her relationship with her younger brother. “I kept working on the images and fine-tuned the story for two years. Last year, I showed it to Karan, who thought we should convert it into a film. We’ve retained more than 60 per cent of the comics,“ he reveals.

\Karan plans take the film to the festival circuit later this year and release the film in early 2018. Meanwhile, the makers are working to minimise the VFX for a “real urban“ feel by using red lighting, futuristic effects and make-up and shooting at night in moonlight. “The film’s not in the horror space but is high on emotion and the sets reflect that,“ informs Abhay, who is all praise for Prachi.

Prachi plays a rock band member grappling with alcohol and substance abuse.