Playground Digital Cinema’s short film Thor Thikana selected at prestigious film festivals

After showcasing thought-provoking and entertaining short films including Peanut Butter and Lonely Girl on the digital platform, Playground Digital Cinema is set to unveil their forthcoming short film titled Thor Thikana.

Directed by Rahul Yadav and featuring Shruti Sharma, the short film is about a girl who lives in a rented apartment but has to vacate it due to some reasons. During the film we see how a girl, who is residing in a city away from her hometown, struggles to find a place to live. It highlights the life of such people.

Interestingly, the short film has been selected in 3 prestigious film festivals. The short film has won a Jury mention in the 7th Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival, Official Selection in the India Wise festival and Semi Finalist in the Screen Shot fest Kolkata (2016).

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