People are open for foreign language songs : Sophie Choudry

Popular singer, model, actress and VJ Sophie Choudry has turned playback singer for the first time. She has penned and sung a French song for Preity Zinta’s ISHKQ IN PARIS. GLAMGOLD met Sophie at her home and talked about the song.

GG) How did you get the French song for ISHKQ IN PARIS?

SC) Preity knows me since last many years. She also knows that I know French. Actually she was surprised when I was talking to Isabelle in French at the party. She called me and told I need you for this song. When I went to studio Wajid told to write two chunks in French. It took me just half an hour.

GG) Tell us about the song.

SC) The song ‘It’s all about tonight’ is half Hindi and half French. It is a club song. There is no romantic angle but is a fun song. When Rhehan and Preity meet, he says I want to enjoy night life of Paris. She takes him to club and they roam whole night that is where the song comes.

GG) Do you thinks audience enjoy songs in foreign language?

SC) yes of course. Senorita of ‘Zindagi Na Mile Dobara’ and Mashallah of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ were chart busters. People are open for other languages.

GG) How do you know so many languages?

SC) I am brought up in London. There they encourage learning other foreign languages. My bhabhi is half French, my brother speaks French, Mom and grandmom use to speak in Hindi and Urdu, my friends are Spanish, Italian etc. So I could learn so many languages. More importantly I was also interested to learn.

GG) Recently you theater workshop…

SC) One should learn as much he can. Singers and musicians can do riyaaz but an actor, what he can do. There are ways to learn more but unfortunately actors do not know.

GG) Your mentor Biddu and Nazia’s song Disco Deewane is now day on top…

SC) I am happy. Biddu is like father for me. Whenever I do live shows I always sing this song. I am singing Nazia Hassan’s another song in my next Luke Kenny’s film.

GG) What next album?

SC) It is single song. I think single song trend have become more popular. We will start video very soon.