Paparattzy Productions’ ENEMMY : Bonding amidst mayhem

What happens when an investigating agency is thrown into the thick of dirty politics on one side and the ruthless underworld on the other? It brings out the best in the team that tries to investigate the ensuing mayhem. It also helps the members of the team bond big time and become even better as a team. And that is precisely what Paparattzi Productions’ forthcoming film ENEMMY directed by Ashuu Trikha focuses on.

The film’s Muhurat took place at Versova village and Madh Island on November 10, appears to be a slice of real life in our troubled times. The filthy political manoeuvres, the use of muscle power, the huge political clout enjoyed by underworld dons and the difficulties faced by investigating agencies as a result of all this remind you of a world not so distant.

ENEMMY revolves around Eklavya Karmarkar aka Bhau {Suniel Shetty}, Naeem Shaikh {K K Menon}, Eric Collaco {Johnny Lever} and Madhav Sinha  aka Maddy {Mahaakshay}, four daredevil CID officers, who can be relied upon whenever the city faces problems from the underworld,  a don responsible for mayhem — Mukhtar Menon (Mahesh Manjrekar)  and  one CBI officer Yugantar Sharma (Mithun Chakraborty).

The city is besieged by the underworld with gang wars. It is election time and the ruling party in Maharashtra, the People’s Working Party is also the ruling the centre. The lawlessness in the city has already ruined the party’s credibility. And now, elections are to be held in Jharkhand, where this party’s ambitious leader Ram Govardhan (RG), touted to be the next PM, simply cannot afford to ruin his chances due to his party’s failure in another state. RG is a young ambitious politician, whose looks and charming persona make headlines as much as his political ambitions. He simply has to win this situation to reinstate the confidence of the masses in his party and he will not rest.

RG asks the Maharashtra chief minister to reign in the underworld. And the latter in turn, gives the job to the four protagonists. The investigation by this team eventually leads to some stunning revelations.

“ENEMMY is a commercial action thriller that dwells on the emotional bonding of the people in the force. It is about how they learn from each other, how they support each other, work together as one unit and look up to each other,” says Ashuu Trikha. “In an evolved relationship, one doesn’t even need to say certain things. Just one look is enough for the other person to understand. That is the kind of relationship that I’ve tried to portray within this team. I believe that a team can perform as a single unit only when the personal bonding is at this level,” he adds.

The cast of the film seems interesting. While Mithun Da, Suniel Shetty, K K Menon and Mahesh Manjrekar are past masters at such roles and Mahaakshay, is expected to perform some great action scenes, what is interesting is the choice of Johnny Lever as one of the officers. “Johnny Lever can be quite intense when he has to. It this is aspect of his that I’ve tried to explore,” Ashuu Trikha says. So one can expect more than one revelation from ENEMMY!