Out of the Closet- Yuvraaj Parashar

We all know ‘Dunno Y.. Na Jaane Kyun’ is India’s first mainstream film which portrays a serious gay relationship and we all have seen its passionate still where its male protogonists are embracin each other. But what one is not aware who is the other male who has hidden his face behind Kapil Sharma’s face. Well its out now! The other actor is a newcomer called Yuvraaj Parashar. But on the first place why it was ? Nowadays its very difficult to hide anything from media,Yuvraaj’s character in the film has layers which we wanted the audience to explore while watching the film as it unfolds. But somehow the news got leaked says director Sunjay Sharma. What does Yuvraaj feels that now its revealed he is playing gay in the film. My character has so many shades in the film. Yes I am in this snap but I am also romantically involved with Rituparna Sengupta. All I can say its a very difficult role for any newcomer to play says Yuvraaj Parashar. But  would it affect the film as story has leaked out ? Yuvraaj says  not at all. Producers wanted to hide my character because they wanted to speak about it after release.